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  • Are chameleon tints legal?
    The UK legal limit for any form of windscreen tint is currently that 75% of light must permitted for it to remain legal. Each film carries its own light permittance % and thus the determining factor of whether a chameleon tint is legal or not depends solely on the film itself. For example, our popular 'Demon Chameleon' has a light permittance of 85-89%, making it 100% UK road legal.
  • What is the legal limit for tints on my windows?
    For all windows behind the B pillar (i.e. the rear half of the car), there is no limit on how dark you can tint these windows. Meaning you can go all the way up to limo (5% light permittance) & this is legal. For the driver / passenger front windows, the legal limit is that 70% of light must be permitted through the window for it to be legal. 70% is a shade that we offer, but some cars actually come with 70% tinted glass from factory, so adding a 70% tint on top of this would actually make them illegal, if concerned it is best you contact your cars manufacturer beforehand to check this. For all tints darker than 70%, they are not UK road legal & we advise this to the customer before doing the job. Illegal films are chosen at the customers request & we bear no responsibility if they are removed by the police / you are prosecuted for this offence.
  • Are your steering wheel covers universal?
    No! They are not. Each steering wheel cover is custom made to the exact steering wheel you are ordering for, hence why they fit so perfectly! While we can't make steering wheel covers for every car on the market, we do offer them for over 900 cars on the market today. So we have a huge basis covered!
  • Are headlight / tail light tints illegal?
    We do not offer any shade of headlight / tail light tint that is not UK road legal. So rest assured, even if you choose the darkest shade of light tint that we offer, they will still be legal.
  • Are your services mobile?
    Currently, none of our fitting services that we offer are mobile. However, we can post to you (dependent on item) if you are able to self fit or have it fitted more locally to yourself!
  • Where are you based?
    "Demonized UK" on Google Maps or Waze Unit 3C, Seymour Street, Heywood, OL10 3AJ Our street (Seymour Street) is a two part street that splits in the middle, if you use the postcode directly in any navigation system it will take you to the incorrect side. To get to the correct side use the postcode, type in OL10 3BN!
  • Can I buy my own steering wheel cover elsewhere & bring it to Demonized for fitting?
    Unfortunately not, we strictly only offer fitting on steering wheel covers that we supply. This is how we're able to guarantee fitment & offer a 12 month warranty on our steering wheel covers against any non-accidental / non wear & tear related damage.
  • How do I know if my vehicle is compatible to have a starlight roof?
    As long as your car isn't a convertible, we can do a starlight roof on it! Rear folding seats can also sometimes be a factor, but as long as we can remove the rear seat bench in the vehicle; it's not a problem.
  • I have a beige headliner, can you dye my headliner to black?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. In addition, you would also (vehicle dependent) need to purchase black grab handles, sun visors & light surround trims too. So if its definitely a black headliner that you want, it's best to buy everything as one whole kit! We usually recommend eBay / Facebook Marketplace for finding these, if not you could try a breakers yard.
  • Will my starlight still show on a beige headliner?
    Yes! At night (the main time you'll see your starlight), the roof lining has all the shadows reflecting upwards onto it, making it darker anyway. So the stars are still more than visible with a beige headliner!
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