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Everything you need know about this phenomenal upgrade.


How do I know what I can get?

This is the beauty of the MK7 era of the Golf. Put simply, if you have a MK7 no matter which year (they were released on the 62 reg), you are eligible for ANY MK7 screen upgrade in your car!

The pictured Golf R is a 2014 model which had the full works completed:

• Virtual Cockpit with gloss black trim

• 9.2" Discovery Pro Nav with gloss black trim

• MIB 2.5 Harman glovebox unit

• USB Port to enable Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

How it works!

We've simplified the process to make it as easy as possible for you.

All we need to know is the model year of your Golf & what setup its currently running.

You can send us images to our WhatsApp of the current system by doing the following:

• Hold down your menu button

• Select "Software Versions"

• Take images of everything on this screen and send it to us!

• Let us know if the car has the upgraded DynAudio speakers.


What if I have DynAudio speakers?

The process can be more difficult if you have DynAudio speakers, if you are running MIB 1 (we would confirm if you are MIB 1 or MIB 2 upon you sending images we require above).

The reason for this is because you need a MIB 2 Amp, or the speakers won't function correctly.

MIB 2 Amp's can be hard to find and also expensive, so if you have a MIB 1 vehicle with DynAudio it can be a bit of a pickle to be stuck in!

However, if your vehicle is already MIB 2, you already have the MIB 2 Amp so you will have no issues with the upgrade.

I just want the MIB 2 infotainment screen...

That's not a problem, the virtual cockpit is not compulsory in order for you to upgrade your screen.

As discussed previously depending on whether your car is MIB 1 or 2, this upgrade is possible subject to the car having DynAudio speakers.

In any usual case, we just need to change the screen, trim, USB port, glovebox stereo, CP unlock your unit & some regular coding and your car will be ready within 60 minutes to drive away!

Included in this package you will get Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, VW 2022 Satellite Navigation. DAB Radio, Voice Control & the performance dials.

Pictured is the MIB 2 8" Discover screen, but you'll see that on our first image we showed our 9.2" Discover Pro nav & both options are available! More information will be provided below.


What do I get with MIB 2.5 over MIB 2?

With MIB 2.5, the most noticeable difference is the 9.2" larger screen over the 8" screen with MIB 2, distinguishable visually as the 9.2" screen has no buttons either side, instead just touchpad buttons on the left side of the screen.

Well, what else do you get for the extra money?

You get the MIB 2.5 Harman stereo unit which operates faster and also has slightly better audio output,

In addition, you get a full home screen displaying widgets for your satellite navigation, phone and/or Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connections.

MIB 2.5 also allows you to run VW Satellite Navigation on the Virtual Cockpit at the same time as on the screen - whereas MIB 2 only allows you to run it on one or the other.

The final main noticeable difference is the Jukebox feature, which allows you to have video in motion directly on the car via an SD card; although we sell the Multimedia Box which allows you to do much more.

I just want the virtual cockpit...

Again, this isn't an issue & is completely possible. However, in cases where your car is MIB 1, it would most likely make sense to do the full upgrade.

This is because the Virtual Cockpit requires the MIB 2 stereo unit to access its full features (such as maps being displayed on the cluster), so you will need MIB 2 anyway to get the virtual cockpit, which would involve having to upgrade the screen too, so all you would need to finalise the upgrade would be a USB port to access Apple CarPlay / Android Auto which we include in all of our MIB 2 upgrades!

If you are already MIB 2, you can upgrade straight to the Virtual Cockpit as long as you already have VW Sat Nav with no issues.


I want a reverse camera!

We've got you covered. We supply & fit OEM reverse cameras to the MK7/7.5 Golf variants. This can be done while getting the above upgrades done or you can just book in to have this done only.

The camera is a rear boot badge camera which flips open when the car is put into reverse & closes when the car is taken out of reverse - so it's a very rare occasion that it gets dirty!

Pictured is our Low Line camera, which is an OEM entry level camera which just shows the basic function one camera view when the car is in reverse. This is priced at £399.

High Line reverse camera!

We also offer a higher spec reverse camera; the High Line camera. This camera is also genuine & visually identical to the Low Line camera, but has many more features.

• The basic camera projects more guidance lines

• Object detection mode, where the camera will put hazards/objects in orange squares

• Wide angle mode for a wider view

• Rear birds eye view mode

• Camera can be permanently on screen by pressing the "Park" button next to your gear selector - not possible on the Low Line

Price: : £499


I have a 7.5 with MIB 2, I want MIB 2.5!

Again, absolutely no issue! We can swap out your existing kit & upgrade you to MIB 2.5 with the Discover Pro 9.2" screen.

If you have MIB 2 with VW Sat Nav, a gloss black surround trim & the 8" screen all in great condition, we'll take your kit in trade to reduce your cost!

All pricing will be listed below.



Pricing is as follows:


Virtual Cockpit with gloss black trim, supplied & fitted: £1,299

Virtual Cockpit with gloss black trim, MIB 2 stereo, 8" screen, 8" screen surround trim & USB port supplied & fitted: £2,098

Virtual Cockpit with gloss black trim, MIB 2.5 stereo, 9.2" screen, 9.2" screen surround trim & USB port supplied & fitted: £2,598

MIB 2 stereo, 8" screen, 8" screen surround trim & USB port supplied & fitted: £799

MIB 2.5 Harman stereo, 9.2" screen, 9.2" screen surround trim & USB port supplied & fitted: £1299

8" MIB 2 kit trade in price in exchange for MIB 2.5 Discover Pro: £349

High Line genuine reverse camera supply & fit: £499

"Pay in 4" is available on any of these services (10% interest).

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